Welcome to the Klixel8 support portal. We have provided here what we consider to be the most useful arrangement of instructional materials, designed to help you, the Content Developers, achieve high-quality, effective, and attractive Active Imagery that will best support your messaging efforts.

The instructional modules are arranged in a generally sequential manner, in the order Content Developers will encounter the various steps, procedures, tools, and options, etc.

In addition to the core subject matter for the module, each instructional module includes the following information to eliminate doubts that may arise:

  • Version of the module, to answer the question "Am I looking at the most current version?"
  • What changes are reflected in the module, to answer the question "How is this different than the last version?"
  • Which Klixel8 codebase versions are supported by the module, to answer the question "Does this apply to the codebase I am using?"

While we strive to provide our users with the best training materials we are capable of providing, we recognize that there is always room for improvement.... so we are always interested in constructive feedback. If you find any of the modules to be out of date, misleading, missing information, and so forth, give me a shout!

Best Regards,

Timothy Thorsen

Head of Operations



Last Updated: 2017-09-27