FieldRequired?Values to EnterRemarks
ActiveYesTrue or FalseRenders Hot Spot active or inactive (e.g., select "false" for a discontinued product)
Panel TypeYesExisting
Existing: Side Panel, top panel, etc. places it in a different Div in the HTML
Fixed: Left/Right/Top/Bottom. Will not move as image is zoomed or panned; fixed to the center of the container at the defined edge.
None: Used for Hot Spots where click behavior is desired without info panels.
Positioned: Movable, positioned with pixel.
XYes*0 to 1Left = 0, Right = 1. Positions pixel. * Required for positioned panels only.
YYes*0 to 1Top = 0, Bottom = 1. Positions pixel.* Required for positioned panels only.
Defines position of panel relative to pixel. Center of edge is on the pixel.
Fill Avail HeightNoToggle False/True. Default = FalseFalse:  Infopanel will only use the height necessary to render its content. True: Infopanel will fill height defined by CSS.
OutsideNoToggle False/True. Default = FalseFor fixed panel only, moves panel from inside to the outside of the image. Panel centers on the edge it is now outside of.
Show On LoadNoToggle False/True. Default = FalseShows info panel on Active Image load if true.
Hover Shows PanelNoToggle False/True. Default = TrueShows info panel on hover if true. False requires click on Hot Spot to show panel.
On Show Panel Show Panel(s)NoList of panel numbers, comma separatedListed panels show, e.g. Ultraflex
On Show Panel Hide Panel(s)NoList of panel numbers, comma separatedWas "On Hover Show". Listed panels are hidden, e.g. Learning Concepts IOT prevent bleed through.
On Panel Hover ShowNoList of panel numbers, comma separatedListed panels show when this panel is hovered upon, e.g. Ultraflex deep product information.
Do Not HideNoList of panel numbers, comma separatedDo NOT hide when this is hovered upon. Usually used on the Background to leave an info panel up. E.g., Learning Concepts panel with the hostess in the left side existing panel.
Class NameNoDefault= k8PosPanelSet value to k8PosPanel2 for second distinct type of info panel such as Ultraflex.
Max OpacityNo0 to 10.85 is typical to leave info panel slightly opaque.
EffectNoDefault = FadeRegulates method of info panel appearance (fade, fly in, dissolve, etc)
HTMLYesAs desired.HTML that defines the info panel.